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All That We Offer: Our Services

At Boller Construction, we offer full service General Contracting, including Construction management, Design-Build, Preconstruction, Self-Perform Concrete and Carpentry,  Sustainability, BIM/3D Modeling, and Wastewater treatment.

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Construction Management

We are full service Contracting and Construction, including Construction Management. Having managed thousands of projects, we're extremely organized and knowledgeable, bringing expertise to each project managed. 

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Design Build

At Boller, we not only have expertise in Construction Management and General Contracting, but are also full service from start to finish of each project, including design and functionality. Boller believes in building quality, sustainable, beautiful and well-built projects for each and every client, starting at the very beginning with the concepting and design of each project.

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General Contracting

We handle each and every project for each client with all services. No matter if it’s concrete, carpentry, pre-engineered metal, preconstruction, design, or 3D modeling, we handle all aspects of a project and are prepared every step of the way. 

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In addition to all other services and Design Build, we offer preconstruction services. As part of Construction and Project Management, we'll pull together all details of scope, budget, materials and project guidelines in order to ensure the best quality in finishing the project throughout all aspects. 

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Self-Perform Concrete & Carpentry

We self-performs services such as concrete and carpentry for each project that might require these additional services. As well as being a General Contractor, we have concrete and carpentry services in house so we can wrap our arms around all aspects of the project, keeping it on schedule, on budget, and as organized and efficiently built as possible.

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We have worked in sustainable construction, including the use of an LEED Platinum building for the Ryerson Woods, built for the Lake County Forest Preserve District. Features of the building include a geothermal system, rainwater reclamation and components to ensure optimization of energy performance in order to promote sustainability.

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Water Treatment

Boller specializes in Water Treatment Facility construction such as pump stations, maintenance and administrative, site work and utilities, water supply, reservoirs and quarries, filtration systems, and more. 

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Wastewater Treatment

We specialize in Wastewater Treatment, providing the utmost excellency and solutions concerning Wastewater Treatment facility construction projects. Our most recent jobs completed in the last year include Elwood Wastewater facility, Mondelez International, Grayslake Emergency Back Up Well, and the Downers Grover CHP Replacement. 

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